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Banyan is an award winning recycling venture that is changing the way India recycles, thinks about waste management and sustainability
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Why Better Plastic ?

Better Quality

Scientific rigor in segregation, washing and extrusion allows Banyan to not only identify resins with a high degree of accuracy, but also prevent cross-contamination and product a consistent quality product.

Better Performance

Addition of performance polymers allows Banyan to meet stringent thermal and mechanical properties, a must have in high performance applications such as automotive and consumer electronics.

Better for society

An equal opportunity employer, Banyan provides safe and sanitary working conditions, fair wages, retirement benefits, and health insurance for its workers, setting a high bar for social responsibility, unheard of in a largely informal industry.

Better for earth

Stringent adherence to air and water quality indicators mandated by the pollution control board, ensures that Banyan's processes and products do not negatively impact the environment.


Tons of plastic recycled


Tons of CO2 emissions reduced


Informal sector recyclers mapped


Tons of plastic diverted from landfills

Our Story

Learn more about how we built a technology-driven recycling business that is rooting out inefficiencies in the waste value chain in India.

Ask for Better Plastic


Urge @yourfavbrand to use Better Plastic. Show that you care.


Design and manufacture sustainable products and packaging with Better Plastic. Make in India sustainably.

Waste Generators

Responsibly recycle your discarded plastic with us. It does matter.

Our Team

Mani Web
Mani Vajipey

Seasoned business and technology professional. Prior to Banyan, Mani was with Qualcomm Inc. involved in the design, development, testing and commercialization activities of mobile technologies. Mani holds dual MBAs from UC Berkeley (Haas) and Columbia Business Schools, an MS Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Delaware and a BTech Electrical Engineering from NIT, Warangal.

Raj Web
Raj Madangopal

Technologist with global experience. Prior to Banyan, Raj worked at Voltari Corp. building teams, architecting technical solutions, designing, developing, and driving customer experience for $100Million+ products with 10Million+ customers. He holds an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Venkat Web
Venkat Vaka
Director, Supply Chain

Supply chain and informal sector inclusion expert. Venkat was previously with SKS Microfinance working directly with Vikram Akula leading strategy and new initiatives of non-financial products aimed at bottom of the pyramid. He holds a PGPABM Degree from IIM Ahmedabad, BSc, Agri from Achrarya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad

Rashi Cropped 2
Rashi Agrawal
Director, Partnerships

Impact investor and strategy consultant. Rashi was previously with Impact Investment Exchange, Intellecap (Impact Investing); Campbell Alliance (Healthcare Strategy Consulting); NERA (Financial Services Consulting) before joining the team of Banyan. She is an MBA from Columbia Business School and holds  a BS in Electrical Engineering and BA Economics (dual major) from the University of California, Irvine.

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